Sunday, August 23, 2009

Experimental Cookery Breakfasts #11: Stewed Fruit

After a long spell away from them, I have decided to apply some effort to finishing off the breakfasts chapter of Jamie's book. There are two entries remaining, one of which I tackled yesterday, and the other I intend to tackle either next Sunday or the following Saturday.

Yesterday's effort was stewed fruit, which involved selecting some fruits (actually, four of his five chosen fruits - I wasn't able to get rhubarb in anything less than a huge quantity), cutting them up, adding some sugar, and stewing for a few minutes. I had them with pancakes, which I also cooked from ingredients.

It was all rather successful, I thought. However, it is perhaps worth noting that this was not a healthy breakfast. There is an awful lot of sugar in fruit, and adding yet more meant that this was a far cry from my normal breakfast of 2 Shredded Wheat. Still, I ate late, and so combined this to form a late breakfast/early lunch, which I don't think was too bad. Plus, it was definately at least two of my five-a-day.

Anyway, that's that. After the crushing reversal of all the eggs, it was good to finally be back with a winner. The breakfasts chapter now stands at 6-5 in favour. Next up, and completing the chapter, is a "Fresh Fruit Platter".

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