Monday, November 30, 2009

First Sunday in Advent

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent, and so I promptly went all Christmas-y. To that end, and having completed a rather nasty cleaning job on the apartment, I proceeded to put up my decoration.

I have also donned my Christmassical Trevor t-shirt once more, and have started work on my festive beard, making an heroic return after its year in the wilderness. I felt there was a need to return to the traditional fripperies of the season.


Le Welsh said...

Do you get more Christmassy as you get older? I think I do, which surprises me :) I got the Advent table display that I created years ago out on Sunday, and a lovely red table runner to display it on; yesterday I put the tree up and made another table display for the kitchen, with a cinammon-scented candle which I lit and now the house smells lovely! It's rubbed off on TAFKALT too, who has just come in and draped a set of twinkly lights around the kitchen door, and made some rather large sweeping arm movements whilst talking about streamers...
Happy Advent Steph/ven :)

Steph/ven said...

No, quite the opposite in fact! As Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year, I find I get more and more annoyed by the whole thing. Basically, I feel we're ruining Christmas by starting to celebrate it in mid-October, and so adamantly refuse to do anything Christmas-y until at least the start of Advent.

(Although I have been counting the days since Sept 19th, but that's more a countdown to my vacation rather than to Christmas itself.)

I do suspect, though, that I might become a bit more Christmas-y if and when I have children.

Le Welsh said...

I think I can relate to you on that; I hate the whole Christmas-starts-in-September thing, but as I get older I seem more determined to reclaim Advent as a real time of preparation, which results in me being more Christmassy I think :)