Monday, December 13, 2010

Ooh, tense!

Yesterday morning I finished the very funny "Catch-22", taking my running total for the year to 93 books. This is a mighty total by any measure, but it does leave me some seven books short of the century, with a mere 19 days remaining this year. Worse, I now need to average more than two books a week to reach the goal.

(In fact, I need to average around 125 pages per day to complete the goal. But that's oversimplifying somewhat: not all pages are created equal.)

On the plus side, I now have only one more week of work this year, and there's only two more band practices before that takes a break also. So, I should be getting some additional time to read the remaining books.

So, it's all a bit tense. I'll update as I go...

#92: "Eberron: Forge of War", by James Wyatt, Wolfgang Baur and Ari Marmell
#93: "Catch-22", by Joseph Heller (book nineteen from The List)


Kezzie said...

OH MY GOODNESS you actually FINISHED Catch22?????? You are the first person I know who hasn't given up!!!!!
I remember that pressure last year to reach the big century, so much sympathy! But you can do it!
I'm going to manage my 52 I think but still life's too maaad!!! Well done on persevering!!!

Steph/ven said...

I thought it was a fantastic read!

Although, like "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "Lord of the Flies", it's a book that I probably wouldn't have understood and certainly wouldn't have liked had I been assigned it as reading back in high school. I just didn't have the experience and perspective to really 'get it'.

I do find myself wondering how much damage schools do to classic literature by continuing to assign them as reading the kids who just aren't equipped to grasp the underlying ideas. I can't help but feel that schools might do better to assign Cornwell, Rowling, or even Kinsella instead. (But not Dan Brown. Anything but Dan Brown!)