Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redecorating the Fortress of Solitude

It's fair to say that the standard of the decoration in the flat is somewhat basic. Other than a couple of paintings hung in the kitchen and one in the spare bedroom, the walls are generally painted a plain and neutral colour. And that suits me fine; I don't exactly spend my time staring at the walls.

However, over the last few months I've had to face the prospect that this is going to change. After all, fair's fair; once Lady Chocolat lives there, she does indeed have a right to redecorate. Within reason, of course.

It's that "within reason" that's important. What does it mean? Well, in list form:

  • No spending money, since we don't have any.
  • No potpourri.
  • No cushions.
  • No potpourri.
  • Whatever other entirely unreasonable and arbitrary things I think up next.

But other than that, and provided nothing actually changes, it's all good.

Oh yeah, and we will redo the bathroom, just as soon as we can. "Barely adequate" is about the right description there.

(There are many obvious disadvantages to LC being in Kenya for the next month. One of the few advantages is that I can quietly negotiate the new status quo without risk. Tee hee!)


Lady Chocolat said...

Yes, but do remember that I have my spies everywhere and I can still read your blog (albeit once or twice a week)!!! You do realise that I'm just going to buy lots of cushions now to annoy you :P

Can we get a jacuzzi in the bathroom????

Le Welsh said...

Why are boys so scared of cushions?