Sunday, November 27, 2011

We can rebuild it. We have the technology

I have fixed my bookshelves, at least for a little while. The problem seems to be that they were overloaded, with the books forcing the sides apart, tearing the nails out of place, and causing the whole thing to sag.

I took it out of place, tightened the holding screws, re-did the nails, added some new nails... and it seems nice and solid. I have since re-stacked the shelves, being careful not to force so many books in. This has the benefit that the shelves are now back together, but has the disadvantage that there really isn't enough space for all the books. It seems I need to get some more bookshelves.

And that's before even considering all the hundreds of books LC will be bringing with her...


Anonymous said...

Given the facts presented on your blog thus far, I am forced to the following conclusion.

You must by a Kindle... for Lady C.

Then you can burn her books (perhaps in the garden, holding hands?).

She will rejoice in her new gift and you can have the shelves for pathfinder books/orks.

I can see no drawbacks to this plan.

Lady Chocolat said...

Except that I completely disagree with your plan! In view of the threat of being upgraded by cybermen, I have vowed never to get a kindle. (It starts off with some small advances in technology, but where will it end?) And no one is burning my books!

Anonymous said...

Surely if Stephen agrees with me it will be two against one and you must submit?!

With your cybermen and Stephen's orks, it is quite the menagerie. Perhaps when you are married you can also get a cat, and it can start a blog.

Stephen is fond of Cat Blogs if I recall correctly.

Lady Chocolat said...

Stephen knows too well the dangers of going against me!

I do have a cat, however she will probably be too busy managing my pirate ninjas for me to start a blog.

Kezzie said...

Haha! I love this post and the comments! Well done on the bookshelf! I always break things by stuffing too much in them and I never learn! I'm with Lady Chocolat on the Kindle- too much technology! Some things need to run without electricity! (and seriously, I am NEVER using a handsfree or a bluetooth headset- urgh, definitely don't want to be a cyberman!!