Saturday, December 31, 2011

Books of the Year 2011

As I noted in my update on goals, I'm currently in progress on two books, but extremely unlikely to finish either today. That being the case, here's the roundup of the books that I have completed this year:

  1. "AD&D: Monster Manual", by Gary Gygax
  2. "AD&D: Player's Handbook", by E. Gary Gygax
  3. "Pathfinder: Vaults of Madness", by Greg A. Vaughan
  4. "Pathfinder: The Thousand Fangs Below", by Graeme Davis
  5. "Pathfinder: Sanctum of the Serpent God", by Neil Spicer
  6. "Les Miserables Volume One", by Victor Hugo *
  7. "Serenity: Out in the Black", by Tracy and Laura Hickman
  8. "Serenity: Adventures", by James Davenport, Ted Reed, James M. Ward, Alana Abbot and Billy Aguiar
  9. "Pathfinder: The Haunting of Harrowstone", by Michael Kortes
  10. "Serenity: Spaceships and Six Shooters", by Lynn Blackson and Jason Durall
  11. "Serenity: Big Damn Heroes Handbook", from Margaret Weis Productions
  12. "At the Gates of Darkness", by Raymond E. Feist
  13. "Pathfinder: Trial of the Beast", by Richard Pett
  14. "Les Miserables, Volume Two", by Victor Hugo *
  15. "Pathfinder: Broken Moon", by Tim Hitchcock
  16. "Cloud Atlas", by David Mitchell *
  17. "The Fort", by Bernard Cornwell
  18. "Pathfinder: Wake of the Watcher", by Greg A. Vaughan
  19. "Watcher of the Dead", by J.V. Jones
  20. "AD&D: Dungeon Master's Guide", by Gary Gygax
  21. "AD&D: Legends & Lore", by James M. Ward and Robert Kuntz
  22. "AD&D: Fiend Folio", edited by Don Turnbull
  23. "AD&D: Monster Manual II", by Gary Gygax
  24. "Pathfinder: Shadows of Gallowspire", by Brandon Hodge
  25. "Pathfinder: The Brinewall Legacy", by James Jacobs
  26. "Pathfinder: Bestiary 2", by Paizo Publishing
  27. "I Shall Wear Midnight", by Terry Pratchett
  28. "Pathfinder: Night of Frozen Shadows", by Greg A. Vaughan
  29. "Empire of Silver", by Conn Iggulden
  30. "War and Peace", by Leo Tolstoy *
  31. "Black Crusade", by Fantasy Flight Games
  32. "The Books of the South", by Glen Cook
  33. "Pathfinder: The Hungry Storm", by Jason Nelson
  34. "Pathfinder: Forest of Spirits", by Richard Pett
  35. "The Gathering Storm", by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
  36. "Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide", from Paizo Publishing
  37. "Renegade's Magic", by Robin Hobb

There are four books from The List, marked with asterisks. (Note that "Les Miserables" counts twice, per my "one set of covers = one book" rule.) Twenty-five of the books are RPG-related, mostly from the Pathfinder line. There were no work-related books, nor were there any re-reads.

It's hard to pick out the best books of the year, as there weren't any that stood out. I think perhaps "Les Miserables" edges out the competition as being the most satisfying read (although that's two books, and so cheating...). The worst was "Renegade's Magic", which was not a fun read - I only read it to finish up the trilogy, and the best thing I can say about it is that it is done!

For 2012, I currently have 25 books picked out, plus the two that are currently in progress. This includes two from The List - "Great Expectations" and "A Town Like Alice". I would expect to get through all of these without any difficulty. Beyond that, I'm not setting any reading goal, but will continue to note books as I finish them.

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