Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Feel a Great Disturbance in the Force

So, Disney have bought Lucasfilm. That's cool. They're planning new "Star Wars" films. That could be cool too.

What I'm rather more concerned about is that they're making direct sequels to the saga. It's complete and entire in itself. (And yes, I know that Lucas claims he "always" intended there to be 9 movies, but he's since changed his tune so that there were "always" going to be six. Bottom line is that it doesn't really matter what he "always" intended - the saga is now clearly the rise and fall of Darth Vader, and that story is done.)

There's plenty of scope in that universe for doing new films. But I'd much rather not see direct sequels. Instead, do films well before the other films (the rise of Yoda, perhaps?), or well after the others, or in other parts of the galaxy. Basically, do exactly the sort of stuff that writers in the Expanded Universe, and gamers in the RPG have been doing for decades now.

Somehow, though, I don't see them doing that.


Kezzie said...

I bought some of the books from later on in the series, they sound like they'd make good films!!! Yeh, I wish they'd leave well alone and do something new with it, otherwise it's just trying to cash in on something without hard work!

Chris Brind said...

It could be the rise and fall of Luke Skywalker too. At this stage he is Jedi Knight, but he never had the full training a Jedi Knight should have. Might be a nice 'father like son' overlap. Sadly, all the actors are probably too old for that one and using different actors would suck ... unless it was animated ... OH GOD I CAN"T UN-THINK THAT NOW. =/

Steph/ven said...

Given the quality of "Clone Wars", and especially compared with the prequels, I would actually be quite happy to see new animated projects.

However, I'd rather they stayed away from the Skywalker family now. The Expanded Universe is very mixed in quality, but to their credit they have done a remarkable job in keeping the continuity consistent. It would be a real shame to stomp all over that with new sequels.

Better, IMO, would be to advance the timeline 200 years or so, well after even the "Legacy" timeframe, and set things then.

Regarding the actors: I doubt very much that Harrison Ford would return - he was reluctant even to do RotJ. Carrie Fisher is all but unrecognisable. Though I daresay Mark Hammil might come back... but would you really want a new series set (at least) 40 years later, and with Luke as the only returning character? I suppose it could work... but there must be better options... aren't there?

Chris Brind said...

I guess it's all just speculation at the moment. Who knows, Star Wars VII might be a prequel-prequel? =/

Chris Brind said...

Can't fault the guy for this though: