Saturday, May 18, 2013

Experimental Cookery 2013: Butternut Squash, Orange & Ginger Soup

For our anniversary, LC got me a new cookbook: "A Soup for Every Day" from the New Covent Garden Food Co. (I got her two tickets to go see "Sleeping Beauty on Ice", and a bundle of all the newspapers from our wedding day (as I alluded to in my post about the wedding)) This was the first soup taken from the book.

It did not go well.

I gathered the ingredients, chopped them up, started the cooking, and got to the simmer stage. So far, so good. I then made the mistake of leaving it alone to simmer. And when I returned after the appropriate time, it had boiled dry and burnt on to the pan. Oops.

At this point, LC noted that she married me for my cooking, and declared she was leaving. Oh no!

Needless to say, I begged for another chance. I was sure I could do better.

Fortunately, the second attempt was much more successful. I cut the simmer stage down, and watched it like a hawk... and it all came out very well.

The resulting soup was really quite nice, with the stronger flavours of the ginger and the orange giving a nice complement to the otherwise rather bland squash. So that was good.

So, that was good.

#17: "The Surgeon's Mate", by Patrick O'Brien
#18: "Pathfinder: Maiden, Mother, and Crone", by Tim Hitchcock
#19: "Nightglass", by Liane Merciel

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