Monday, November 17, 2014

Car Four

I picked up my new car on Saturday. It's another Ford Focus, silver, eighteen months newer than the previous one, with 50k miles on the clock. So the whole accident thing is now more or less dealt with - I need to arrange to return the courtesy car, but then I'm done.

The 'new' car is actually a good bit older than I'd expected to get, and has rather more miles on the clock. However, it had clearly been taken very good care of, it's immediately familiar (being essentially the same as the last car), and was a good bit less expensive than I'd intended as well. So, I'm pretty happy with that.

(Ideally, I'll get about 6 years out of this car, and another 100,000 miles. Realistically, I think that may be over-optimistic. But even if I only get half of that, it will still make for a very good deal.)

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