Thursday, November 12, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #45: Lamb Lollipops, Curry Sauce, Rice & Peas

And so Wednesday rolled around, and it was once again time for an Experimental Cookery. This week's recipe was a return to "Jamie's Fifteen Minute Meals", and to one of the recipes he did on the TV show of the same name.

As I've come to expect from this book, the meal was quick and easy but took considerably longer than fifteen minutes to make. Just getting out the ingredients and washing those that needed it took several minutes, which is always a bit of a cheat. But no matter - it was still quick enough for a weeknight meal.

The end result was fine. I think it had a little too much balsamic vinegar, but that was my issue. But Jamie's trick with the poppadoms and the microwave just doesn't work for me at all. Oh, and there was an awful lot of it!

But the meal tasted nice, and it certainly hit the spot. I'm not sure I'll make this again, though - I'm not sure why not, but it didn't quite grab me as much as some others from this book. But you never know, I guess.

#54: "One Hundred Years of Solitude", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (A Book from the List)

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Kezzie said...

Mmm, I like lamb! Oh and thank you for the Carebear reference- I HADN'T got around to finding or searching for it so I am now watching it!