Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 50: Update on Goals

Somehow, we're already 50 days into 2016. I'm rather shocked at this, but simultaneously quite glad that we're coming out of the worst of winter. It's been grim. Anyway, it's time for an update on goals for the year:

  • Weight: Actually, there's nothing to say here - I haven't stepped onto the scales in several days. But I've been hovering about the same weight for ages, and doubt that that's changed significantly.
  • Books: This one is going extremely well - I'm currently reading my tenth book of the year, and am up to date on all the sub-lists.
  • Games: A mixed bag here - the first session of "Firefly: The Lost Episodes" went spectacularly well, but it also looks like this may be the last session of the campaign for quite some time. (Ironic since I'd just started to make some plans for that campaign!) "Eberron: Dust to Dust" has now had two sessions this year and is also going well. I suspect it is this campaign that will survive the move intact, though how long it runs before the end, and whether it is indeed my last D&D 5e campaign, remains to be seen. All in all, I've had three game sessions this year, which is good going, especially so early in the year.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: Oh, so stressful. I'll provide a fuller update once this is all done, but it's not exactly fun right now. It's also my #1 priority right at the moment, which is difficult since it's also the one thing I don't have control over.
  • Band: Not a goal, but still important, things with the band are going well. We're well advanced in our preparations for the upcoming season, and I'm involved in teaching three students, one of whom looks set to play in Gala Days this year (and competition next year), one of whom is just a couple of months behind her (and so liable to just miss out on the Gala Days, but will perhaps compete next year), and one who has just started. I've informed the committee of our pending house move, but I've also committed to seeing out this upcoming season if it is at all possible - come September the band will probably have to find a new chairperson/webmaster/tutor/trustee, but that's a problem for another day.
  • Church: Another not-a-goal but also relevant, LC and I have begun the process of disentangling ourselves from our commitments in the church, again in preparation for the move. We're scheduled to do the tea and coffee duty at one evening service next month, and then that's it. Likewise, we'll be dropping out of "Small Groups" either as soon as we move or at the end of the current session (not sure which - might be whichever comes first, might just be when we move).
  • Lent: There was an incident with some ice cream a couple of days ago (where said ice cream came complete with a chocolate that I couldn't eat), but desite that - and subject to the Valentine exemption - the Lenten aversion to Irn Bru, alcohol, and chocolate remains intact. But, again, the end of the season in 37 days remains something to which I can look forward.

And that, basically, is that. Two goals well in hand, one that's ongoing but very stressful, and one that has no report. Things otherwise are proceeding apace. All in all, that's not too bad.

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