Thursday, March 17, 2016

Big Hero 6

I've been meaning to watch this for some time, and with the 2-for-1 offer currently available on Disney DVDs we took the opportunity to pick up "Big Hero 6" and "Inside Out" at the weekend. And so we watched Disney's follow-up to "Frozen" last night.

I enjoyed it, a great deal. I'm a little torn over whether I prefer this or "Wreck It Ralph" - I think, on balance, I prefer the earlier film, but it's a close one. I mean, really, it's all robots and superheroes; what more could you want?

Of particular note, I especially enjoy the short films that Pixar and now Disney package with their features - "Paperman" with Ralph, "Lava" with "Inside Out", and "Feast" here - they're such a good way for them to try out new tricks and new technologies, to develop their staff, and also to practice their storytelling. Plus, they're good fun in their own right.

So, yeah, good stuff. Disney (and Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm) seem to really be on a roll right now.

#13: "Trigger Warning", by Neil Gaiman
#14: "Brideshead Revisited", by Evelyn Waugh (a book from The List)
#15: "Pathfinder: The Hellfire Compact", by F. Wesley Schneider
#16: "Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales", by Justin Richards

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