Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Strathmore Highland Games 2016

This was the second competition of the season that I missed, and the second time the band came away with a prize. It seems they do better without me. Maybe that's a sign.

Anyway, the band came 3rd out of 7, being 3rd in piping and 1st in drumming. (So, once again the drummers won a competition outright, which shows just how strong our drum corps is. On the other hand, this means both that they're carrying us and that we're letting them down, depending on whether the overall result is a success or not.)

This weekend we have the third and fourth of our five Gala Days of the year, both on Saturday, and then the Helensburgh Highland Games on Sunday. Again there are seven bands competing, and in theory we have a much stronger pipe corps this week. So we'll see how that goes...

#28: "Ilse Witch", by Terry Brooks
#29: "Moriarty", by Anthony Horowitz

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