Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 200: Update on Goals

I was a bit stunned to find day 200 upon us already, but it is. So, here's the update:

  • Weight: Rather disasterously, I hit my peak weight again at the start of this month, largely as a result of the big party and then the trip to Amsterdam. This puts me back to where I was after my visit to Lisbon way back in 2008. Which isn't at all good. Fortunately, things have been getting a little better since then, but it means that my progress for the year so far as been to lose -10 pounds. Grr.
  • Books: By Day 200, I should be 32.8 books into the year. At the time of writing, I've actually completed 38 books. So this goal is going swimmingly, especially as I'm up-to-date or ahead on all of the sub-lists for the year.
  • Games: Blah. The "Dust to Dust" almost hit a TPK a couple of weeks ago, and actually hit perhaps the only thing worse: two PCs died, which was just enough to really hurt the party dynamic without being enough to cause the end of the campaign. We've now redirected into another path, which may work out better, but we'll see. I'm definitely angling to end this one sooner rather than later, though.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: Another poor performer. The plan now is to simply find a place to move to and get moved, and then sort something out with the flat in Falkirk. This probably means renting it out rather than selling. Which is okay, though a big part of me would really rather just be rid of it. But Brexit is probably not going to do us any favours there, and it's not as if it was showing any signs of moving even before then.
  • Band: We're currently in the mid-season lull, with two Championships and five minors (four for me) still to go. It's not certain that we'll actually attend all of those competitions, though, as funds are a little tight and we have some other options.

So that's where we stand - one goal is going extremely well, and the "not a goal" is also doing well. The rest are either unsatisfactory or disastrous. Needless to say, I'm not too happy about that, and kind of wish I didn't have an update scheduled!

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