Monday, August 22, 2016

Just Cruel

They say that you shouldn't allow mobile phones and similar electron devices into the bedroom. The reasons for this are actually pretty solid - not only is it really easy to get drawn into these things, and indeed get emotionally wound up by them so that it becomes hard to sleep, but apparently the blue light they generally emit also makes it difficult to sleep.

On the other hand, my alarm clock died on me some time ago (unreliability being the single worst failing such a clock can have), and I didn't really feel it was worthwhile spending money on a new one when my phone has a perfectly good alarm on it. And since that's the main use I actually get out of my phone...

Besides, there's no huge harm in that, since my phone is so very basic that it's easy just to ignore it.

At least, it is apart from when spam callers decide that it's a good idea to phone at 11:30pm. Frankly, that's just evil.

So it looks like I'm back in the market for a new alarm clock after all, after which I'll be instituting a ban on phones, tablets, and the like in the bedroom. Because enough is enough.

#44: "Spelljammer: Into the Void", by Nigel Findlay
#45: "Pathfinder: Hell Comes to Westcrown", by Ron Lundeen

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