Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Time Please!

Well, that's it - as of last weekend I have now replaced the last of my Region One DVDs. I still have those last few films to watch, just to verify that the new disks work correctly, but otherwise that task is now done.

I am left with a handful of disks, as discussed previously, but I have decided to hang onto these - they're not readily available in Region Two (in some cases they were never released, in some others they are long out-of-print). I purchased an external DVD drive for my PC which I've set to Region One in case I ever want to revisit these.

The next step is to remove the multi-region DVD player from the cabinet entirely. This isn't strictly necessary, but it is my intention in the very near future to replace our surround sound Receiver with a new unit, and the newer units tend not to support very old connection methods (read: SCART). Plus, I'm quite keen to reduce the number of devices in general - having three devices set up mostly for disk playback seems excessive, by about two.

#25: "Pathfinder: The Twilight Child", by Ron Lundeen
#26: "The Algebraist", by Iain M. Banks (the last of his sci-fi novels I hadn't read)
#27: "Rhyming Rings", by David Gemmell (the new candidate for Book of the Year)

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