Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A matter of trust...

Behold, I have finally escaped the Post Office!

Actually, it went reasonably well, except when I tried to explain what I wanted to do:

Me: "I would like to use one of these 'Moneygram' transfers, please."
Assistant: "Okay."
Me: "The recipient should get $3,000, whatever that works out to. And if there are any fees, I want to pay them at this end."
Assistant: *blinks* "So, how much do you want to send in money... er, pounds?"

At this point, I explained the concept of exchange rates, and how different places sometimes apply different rates, so they would have to work that out for me.

It was slightly amusing when she asked how I intended to pay the eventual bill (of just over £1,800), to which I replied, "cash".

To be honest, I was more than a little relieved to complete this task - it has not been fun carrying around that sort of money. On the other hand, it was quite cool walking around with that sort of money. And also, I hadn't actually handled a £100 note in the flesh before. That was quite cool.

I'm also not sure whether to be flattered or intimidated by the notion that my friend was willing to trust me with that sort of money.


Molly said...

I am very disappointed that you didn't wire that money to me - what on earth were you thinking?!

Steph/ven said...

Mostly that I really wanted to get the job done and get out of there. I wasn't in the nicest area of Falkirk, and was carrying an awful lot of uninsured cash.