Friday, July 10, 2009

Experimental Cookery Tuesday #44: Rice Salad

The best thing about the "Rice Salad" is that it marks the end of the salads chapter. Unfortunately, despite Jamie's claims to the contrary, this was a fairly bland effort that, although it really wasn't much hassle, was nonetheless not worth the hassle involved in putting it together. I really was not a fan. It was okay, but after 25 minutes of boiling the rice (per the packet instructions), 'okay' just isn't enough.

So, that brings the tally for the "Lovin' Salads" chapter to 7-4 in favour. The best salad in the chapter was definately the "Mediterranean Chopped Salad", the worst the "Evolution Tomato Salad", for the disappointment more than anything else.

The next chapter in the book is "Simple Soups". However, as soup is more a lunch meal, I have elected to skip this chapter for now. Once I am done with the breakfasts, I'll return to this chapter. Instead, I'm moving on to "Homely Mince", which already stands at 2-0 in favour (for the meatballs and pasta and the chilli con carne). The first recipe in that chapter is "A Cracking Burger", which I will be tackling on Tuesday.

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