Monday, March 28, 2011

A nice restful weekend...

I had Friday and today off from work, mostly just to use up the last of my holiday allowance of the year. It has been a nice, restful time, by which I mean I busily worked through my list of things to do. Such as...
  1. Not going to tell you! Haha! Ha! Ha.
  2. Bought a new microwave.
  3. Started painting the second batch of Space Orks. Eight are finished, the second eight are now under way. I have another sixteen to do after these.
  4. Watched "Unthinkable" (not great), "Harry Brown" (good), and just enough of "Cabin Fever 2" to decide it wasn't worth watching.
  5. Watched the first two parts of the "Lord of the Rings". Yes, this is the same as the previous point, but it's good enough to deserve mentioning twice.
  6. Restocked the fridge with a meatloaf and chicken tikka masala.
  7. Washed the car.
  8. Lots of practice on the pipes.
  9. Finished Volume One of "Les Miserables". Poor young Marius is in love, at last.
  10. Ordered a frame for the picture that I got at Christmas.
  11. And the usual sundry and pointless tasks...

So, it's been a busy time. Also, despite the impression my previous post may have given, I'm not quite dead. At least, not yet.

#6: "Les Miserables Volume One", by Victor Hugo (a book from The List)

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