Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glorious Summer, except for one day...

I've been enjoying the nice weather lately, especially since I'm currently in the midst of a week off, which for once actually gives me a chance to enjoy it.

My best opportunity came on Saturday, when the band were playing in Falkirk High Street - a chance to do some much-needed fund raising, to get some much-needed outdoor practice in, and a chance to take advantage of the good weather (and the better crowds that result).

Naturally, Saturday was the one day that it rained.

Even worse, knowing that we'd play in several slots, with breaks in between, I cunningly packed a book in my pipe box to read while taking a break. My pipe box is mostly waterproof, with the one weakness being the side pocket with the vertical zip... the side pocket where my book was stored. Luckily, it was a trashy novel that I have since finished.

Saturday was not the very best of days.

#11: "Serenity: Big Damn Heroes Handbook", from Margaret Weis Productions
#12: "At the Gates of Darkness", by Raymond E. Feist

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