Friday, April 29, 2011

An Over-abundance of Pizza

In a new entry in the category of "worst thing that's ever happened"...

For the concert today, I of course washed and ironed my short-sleeved shirt. This is my only shirt of this sort, and it was slated for replacement after the concert.

I then proceeded to drop it in the mud while getting out of the car.

Fortunately, there was a break built in to the proceedings - a chance to relax, get changed, and get something to eat. For me, this was changed to "rush to the shops like a madman, buy a new shirt, iron said shirt, order pizza, quickly eat said pizza, get changed, and rush back."

Well, so far, so good. The shirt is bought and ironed, the pizza is ordered and pending delivery, and now I'm taking a short break. Huzzah!

But it turns out that Dominos are having a special offer this weekend, in honour of the big day (see previous post), whereby one can order one pizza and get one free.

This would be great, except that two pizzas is just too much even for me. And I can't have the leftovers for breakfast, as I've already gotten the sausage and bacon out of the freezer. Nor for lunch, as I have leftover fajitas. Nor indeed for dinner tomorrow, as I'm away at an exciting barbeque.

Truly, it is a trial for the ages. I bet Julius Caesar never had problems like this to wrestle with on his quest for glory...

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