Sunday, May 01, 2011

Updated on Goals

We're now four months into the year, so I think it's time for an update on my goals for the year. Back in January, I listed seven goals. I also specifically didn't give a reading goal. Nonetheless, I'm going to give an update on that as well, and also on the painting of my Ork force.
  • Super Secret Goal #3 is well in hand.
  • My goal to "blog more" has been successful, but has now been superseded by a more specific target - I want to get to 1,000 posts. Probably not by the end of the year, as I don't think that's realistic, but early in 2012.
  • I've made some progress towards getting back to my "fighting weight", but it's slow going. Plus, I miss Irn Bru.
  • The band did indeed get promoted to grade 4A. Therefore, our goal is to get promoted again this year. This looks to be ambitious.
  • The plan with the Saturday game is that we're going to try to get together one Saturday in each month (though not in May). Also, I'm not now running a game for that group, so don't have the same level of investment in it.
  • I haven't yet written anything of consequence.
  • I have indeed been more relaxed this year, though there is still a ways to go.
  • On books: I'm halfway through "Les Miserables", haven't started "War and Peace", am up-to-date on Raymond Feist's novels and the Pathfinder books, but am behind schedule on reading the 1st Edition hardbacks.
  • I finished the second of four batches of Orks on Wednesday, and varnished the two batches to date on Thursday. I'm now taking a short break to paint some miscellaneous other figures, but expect to have these all done fairly soon. My current projection is that I'll have the Ork force complete somewhere around October, unless I find myself even busier than expected.


Chris said...

Very pleased to hear SSG3 is progressing well.

I look forward to hearing all about it some day.

Kezzie said...

Noooo, noooo War and peace! I bought that because it looked like a challenge and I just feel sick looking at it! Considering I like reading big books, this is something!
Thanks re cycling costume! I am thinking of trying to get one of the 2012 jerseys, quite nice really! Still might hide cycling shorts under a skirt!