Monday, May 30, 2011

West Lothian Highland Games 2011

I noticed on Saturday that while the event took place in Bathgate, it wasn't actually the "Bathgate Highland Games". Not that it makes much difference.

Saturday was a mixed day, weather-wise. When it was nice, it was really quite nice. However, every so often there were showers, which were particularly nasty. Fortunately, I was able to dodge all but one of these; there was one shower during the results ceremony that there was just no missing out on.

We didn't take a bus to this one, which proved to be a blessing. Rather than being stuck there for an hour while the driver escaped the car park, I was able to slip out quickly and easily, and got home in less than half an hour.

In terms of the actual competition, well...

We went on, and we played okay, or so we thought. Certainly better than last week, although not as well as the previous week. The commentary sheet we received was also fairly complimentary - there was not a single thing that we had to work on.

Except... we came seventh out of nine, the same result as two years ago, and considerably worse than last year.

That was bad enough, but the choice of winner was... interesting, to say the least.

Oh well, so much for that. For next year, I'm planning on advocating skipping any contest that doesn't have a "Grade 4 MSR" competition (unless we get upgraded again), in which case we won't be competing here again next year. It's a shame, since this is actually a rather pleasant day. Still, there's very little to gain from playing in the 'wrong' grade.

#15: "Pathfinder: Broken Moon", by Tim Hitchcock

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Chris said...

I find myself wanting to make a 7 of 9 joke, but can't quite work out how to get it in.

Sorry your season isn't going 100% to plan.

On the other hand, Juliet has just told me about Super Secret Goal #3. Well done!