Monday, June 18, 2012

This Far, No Further!

I find myself extremely troubled.

I am absolutely convinced that one of the organisations of which I am a member, and some of the finest people that I know (including some I care for very deeply), are on the wrong side of a particular issue. What's more, I feel that I really should be speaking up publicly about the issue (as a matter of principle), but when I got the appropriate post written and ready to go... I just couldn't bear to post it.

There's a storm coming. And I really don't like the look of those clouds.


Kezzie said...

Oh dear, that sounds ominous!

chris said...

I say better to weather a bit of a storm than look back years later and think yourself deficient in courage.


Also, not if it's gay marriage. Avoid.

chris said...

Or unless you are going to talk about D&D Next.

That's an even more emotive subject!