Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Mug Anecdote

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I have a variety of mugs from my many travels. Lady Chocolat despairs, but it is my contention that this is a good thing - it means that when people come to the flat and drink coffee (or, if they're wrong, tea), I can regale them with the appropriate mug anecdote.

And everybody loves a good mug anecdote.

Anyway, over the weekend, LC and I were over at her parents' house, cat-sitting. This was an intensely scary prospect, as the cat is almost ninja-like in her stealth, and prone to pouncing at the slightest provocation.

And yesterday, I travelled to work directly from the house, without going back home first. This meant that everything that I needed had to be taken with me on Saturday.

The key problem, though, is that I have a particular mug that I use for my coffee at work, and it went into the dishwasher on Friday, the dishwasher didn't go on until Saturday, and it wasn't finished in time.

Yes, it's true. At work yesterday, I had to use the wrong mug! And, consequently, my mug anecdotes were out of alignment - I had to tell the tale of Brittany, rather than the tale of Stuttgart. Horrors!

Fortunately, I went home last night and recovered the correct mug. And so, the world is now back in alignment. Ish.

(Admittedly, this story isn't as sad as the "jelly and ice cream" story CJ told me at the weekend, but it's the best I have.)

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Le Welsh said...

People who are not like us do not understand the mug thing. I understand. I have to choose a mug based on the person who will be drinking from it, so that I can regale them with an appropriate story. If we are both to be drinking the same drink and there is just the one guest, then I have to use a pair of mugs. If there is more than one guest, then I choose a mug appropriate for each guest. When M comes over, she drinks either from the animals mug, or from the "you're special" mug. Her partner has to have either the "I wish you a beautiful day..." mug or my posh mug, because she is posh. Mug culls are something TAFKALT makes me go through sometimes, when he judges our cupboards are getting cluttered. He is not someone who understands the mug thing. :(