Friday, August 03, 2012

Et tu, Brutus?

Or "Yep, I thought that might happen", or even "Last chance to see..." This post could have many titles. It sucks in all of them.

The two weeks since the Pipe Major quit have been the hardest since I joined the band. It seems that every day there has been some new issue that has cropped up requiring immediate attention. And all of this has been to a backdrop of a stressful time at work as well, not to mention my still trying to recover from a horrible cough that just won't go away. The thing that kept me going, mostly, was that I was getting an opportunity to lead the band out at the World Championships next week - an opportunity I hadn't expected, hadn't sought out, but was more than happy to take as I wouldn't get another one.

Can you guess what's coming yet?

At Ireland, our Lead Drummer told me that he had spoken to a friend of his (also a band member), who had indicated that he would be willing to take over until the end of the season. ("To take the pressure off you," he said...)

On the ferry home from Ireland, I told the committee that I wanted to decline this, that I wanted to lead the band myself for the next four weeks. They agreed that this was right. On Monday, I also said this to the band, and asked if there were any objections, and there were not.

Or so I thought...

When he got home, the Lead Drummer proceeded to send an email to the Treasurer, saying that the band had to have a meeting to formally elect an interim Pipe Major. Technically, he was correct, though I had hoped not to bother due to the fact that it was a matter of two months to the AGM, a matter of two competitions, and frankly because we didn't need the distraction.

But, as I said, he was technically correct. And so, we had a meeting.

As expected, the Lead Drummer nominated his friend, and was seconded by another friend. Fair enough. I was nominated also. We therefore had the vote.

And I didn't get it, on an 8-7 majority.

Now, here's the thing: had this been a matter of appointing a full-time PM, I would have stepped aside. But it wasn't - it was a matter of finding someone to fill a space for two competitions.

And, indeed, if I had thought it would make any actual difference, I would have stepped aside. But again, I don't believe that - we're not going to qualify for the final at the Worlds, and we're not going to win a prize at Cowal. At the most, the difference that this might make is between "last" and "not last". Yay.

So, under those circumstances, I believe I should have been given my chance. I believe I had done enough to deserve it this time out.

But fair enough. The band are absolutely within their rights to elect someone else. And, for the good of the band, I will now give the new Pipe Major my full support for the remaining two competitions.

Still, I find this desperately disappointing. And I've now reached my limit - I've given everything I have to give to the band. There's nothing left. As of the AGM, I'm done. Because I have rights too, and it's time to exercise them.

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Chris Brind said...

It's horrible when politics starts to ruin a hobby. Cheryl and I have just started up archery (again, in my case). The last time I did archery about 6/7 years ago down in England, politics (and some extra-marital indiscretions, not on my part, I might add) ruined it all.

I'm really hoping that won't happen at this club and I'm quite positive that it won't given how dedicated and yet laid back the leadership team are. However, if hear those magic words (e.g. "the members need to do more for the club" or such) then I'll know it's about to get political again.

Anyway, sorry to hear it's effectively "gone to shit" with your band. What is likely to happen beyond the ATM?