Monday, September 24, 2012

The Band AGM 2012

The band's AGM was held last Thursday. It was... difficult.

For the most part, the AGM was merely long and tedious. There were the usual set of reports, but nothing particularly controversial, right up until the point where we had to have a vote on the issue of new socks. Which, of course, is a major and important issue: shall the socks be white, or shall they be blue?

Well, it turned out that with 23 voting members present, there were 11 in favour of white socks, 11 in favour of blue socks, and one abstention. Typical.

Of course, at this point it falls to the Chairperson to cast a deciding vote. That Chairperson being me. The only problem was that I knew I was about to tender my resignation, and I really didn't want to commit the band to something that wasn't going to affect me either way... (In the event, I deferred it to the Pipe Major, who had voted for white socks, so white it was. Even that caused some muttering, but there you go. Democracy in action.)

The band then voted on a new constitution, and then came time for the committee to stand down. And at that point, I tendered my resignation, which went down somewhat better than I had feared. So that was okay.

The only problem was that there was nobody to take over as Chairperson. I opened the floor for nominations, and was met with silence. And then, as people realised they needed to pick someone, each time a name was mooted that person flatly refused the job.

The end result of that is that I've agreed to stay in position until January, after which they will hold an EGM to replace me. Which is rather annoying - I had intended to get away clean, but it just wasn't for happening.

The rest of the committee was elected with relative ease, which is a good thing. The band should now be able to move on from what has been a really bad year, onto what will hopefully be a better one.

And that's it. A mostly successful night, albeit not quite the outcome I had hoped for.

#35: "Prince of Wolves", by Dave Gross
#36: "Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers", by Grant Naylor

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Chris Brind said...

I think you should have been more creative about the socks and gone for one white and one blue, or perhaps stripy blue and white?

But then I suppose you would have had to have voted on which foot the white sock should be on or which is the first band in the stripes. Nightmare! :)