Sunday, September 02, 2012

Not Really the Best of Both Worlds

One of the more surprising facets of married life is that the bread now seems to go off with distressing regularity. This is most annoying when I get to work and find little green dots on my sandwiches. Grr.

Now, it's important to note that this disaster is not, as might first be supposed, due to witchcraft. And, frankly, I'm disappointed in you all for thinking that.

No, the bread issue is caused by two factors:

  1. LC has insisted on us storing the bread in a rather lovely bread bin we got as a wedding gift (thanks!), rather than in the fridge where it belongs.
  2. We had (until now) switched to Hovis' "Best of Both" bread, which promised the taste of white bread combined with the goodness of brown.

Unfortunately, as with all things, there are trade-offs. In this case, in return for all these wonders, it definitely appears that the "Best of Both" goes off at a rate somewhat higher than either standard brown or white bread. And given that we typically get through a little over a loaf in a week, that's a fairly key issue.

So, we'll not be getting that again. Instead, future loaves will be one or the other, probably depending on whether LC comes with me when I do the shopping.

Truth be told, I'm not to unhappy to see the "Best of Both" go. I never really believed their claim that it gave all the goodness of brown bread. And, frankly, I found that it didn't really taste of anything at all. Granted, I generally find that that's true of all white bread, but there it is. In fact, I generally thought the "Best of Both" was at its best right before it went off. Which is probably not for the best, really.

(Of course, I have a secret ambition of just stopping buying bread altogether, and baking it myself. But I think the odds are rather against that! It's somewhere on the list down below homemade pizza bases.)

#31: "Pathfinder: From Hell's Heart", by Jason Nelson
#32: "Pathfinder: Shards of Sin", by Greg A. Vaughan


Kezzie said...

I have a similar problem and noticed that bread DOES go off quicker! I also object to modern day bread and wish I could make mine. However I am far too lazy (useless at bread making also). I sympathise.

Chris Brind said...

You could always get a bread maker. In *theory* you could perform all manner of bread making miracle with such a thing. For instance, load it up before you go to bed and set it on a timer to start cooking so that it's freshly baked and just warm in the morning.

In practice, I got board of having to load it up with ingredients and then wait for the magic to happen, but that's me. :)