Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bad Day. Bad Week.

Grr. I am not enjoying this week. After getting lots of sleep at the weekend, and feeling quite refreshed for the week ahead, I found on Sunday that my neck was hurting again. No sleep for me!

Plus, it seems that this month is just never going to end.

And they've gone and cancelled "Merlin", while "Homeland" gets progressively worse and gets renewed for a third season. Though, truth be told, neither show is particularly good any more.

Still, the worst is over now. With a bit of luck, the rest of the week might not suck so much.

#48: "Sense and Sensibility", by Jane Austen


Kezzie said...

Sorry to hear about pain. I was having a good start of the week until I started to feel really ill after school and threw up!
What did you think of Sense and sensibility?

Steph/ven said...

For the most part I enjoyed it. More than I thought I would, and more than "Pride and Prejudice", which surprised me.

That said, I felt the end was rather weak - it seemed quite rushed, and she seemed determined to give everyone the mega-happy ending. In particular, the relationship between Marianne and Col. Brandon seemed to come out of nowhere.