Friday, November 23, 2012


I hadn't intended to post more that twice today (because doing so drives the new posts down below the point where they actually get read), but I just had to. I found this quite hilarious.

The line that particular amused me was this: "Experts - and ethnic Mayans - agree that the 'end date' does not denote some kind of apocalypse, but instead a new period in the Mayan 'long count' calendar."

Or, to put it another way, "Everybody who knows anything about it says it's a load of tosh."

Naturally, they then proceed with a variety of apocalypse preparation guides. And that's fair enough - one can never be too prepared to deal with a zombie apolcalypse, an outbreak of reality TV, or a Dalek invasion of Earth. It's just a shame that the article only deals with one of these, instead wasting time on the far less likely threats of nuclear war and global warming.

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Chris Brind said...

I still can't help but wonder what it was about their culture which made them choose that calendar. I can't believe that they had supernatural ability to look in to the future, but nature is full of recurring patterns so perhaps they had some insight about a long term natural cycle that we don't.

My mortgage and credit cards are still counting on the Sun exploding. ;-)