Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear American TV...

Just some thoughts:

  1. It's quite annoying when our channels break films up with adverts. Still, at least we have a good half-hour of film for 5 minutes of adverts. Showing ten minutes of film and then ten minutes of adverts is annoying in the extreme. Please stop it.
  2. At 11pm at night, it is probably okay to show the occasional bared breast, and/or not to censor expletives. If it really, truly, is not, perhaps you should consider not showing "Deuce Bigelo: European Gigolo"?
  3. Speaking of censorship, you should perhaps be consistent. In "The Ugly Truth", there's a scene where KH complains that men "prefer women in slutty clothes who suck lots of ****". This is then followed by a five minute exchange in which KH and GB repeatedly declare "cock". "Cock, cock, cock." Can you perhaps see the absurdity of censoring the first of these, but not the rest? And yet, that's exactly what happened. (And yes, I watched a bunch of crap when I was in the US. Unfortunately, the choice of channels was extremely limited, and I had no DVDs with me. Plus, with the amount of work I was doing, by the time the TV went on, I wanted something suitably mind-numbing.)
  4. Anything on the Fox Network that isn't explicitly marked as fiction really should be removed from TV. Seriously, I get annoyed enough at Question Time, but this was a whole new level of nonsense. I particularly enjoyed the comments by the rich white guy who declared that fast food employees shouldn't assume that their work gave them the right to expect to have somewhere to live. No, he really said that. (It was particularly annoying because they often had discussion topics that actually sounded like interesting subjects. But then they actually got started.)

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