Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting back into it...

Sorry I've been away. For the past several months I've been oppressed by two factors: Firstly, I've just been too busy to blog regularly. I would frequently get a post together, not have time to edit it properly, and abandon it half-finished. Secondly, for most of that time the most interesting thing in my life has been work, which has been in very high gear. However, with my "no work talk" rule in place, that didn't leave me much to blog about.

Still, I'm hoping now to do a better job, and will indeed try to commit to posting something at least once a week. We'll see how that goes!

#27: "Pathfinder: Rasputin Must Die!", by Brandon Hodge
#28: "The Reverse of the Medal", by Patrick O'Brian
#29: "The Folklore of Discworld", by Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson
#30: "Queen of Thorns", by Dave Gross
#31: "Persuasion", by Jane Austen (A Book from The List)
#32: "The Hunger Games", by Suzanne Collins
#33: "The Letter of Marque", by Patrick O'Brian
#34: "The White Company", by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
#35: "Pathfinder: The Witch Queen's Revenge", by Greg A. Vaughan
#36: "Called to Darkness", by Richard Lee Byers

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