Monday, November 25, 2013

Experimental Cookery 2013: Quick Chicken Madras

This one came from the Hairy Biker's "Great Curries". I had been looking forward to it since finding the curry on Friday (when LC proceeded to veto it, but no matter), and found time to cook it on Sunday.

Sadly, the curry did not live up to expectations. It was certainly quick, which was a plus, but it turned out to be lacking the heat that had been promised (nay, threatened!), despite my not deseeding any of the included chillis. In addition, the sauce was considerably more watery than I'd hoped, which meant that the whole thing just seemed rather bland. All in all, it was rather disappointing.

We will be having this again, once, if only because the recipe made up four servings and there are two of us. Sadly, I can't see us then making up another batch. A shame, really.

On the other hand, on Sunday I also made up the mixture for some lamb koftas, which we'll be having for dinner tomorrow. Hopefully, those will make up for yesterday's disappointment...

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