Thursday, November 28, 2013

Experimental Cookery 2013: Zesty Chilli and Garlic Tiger Prawns

It's been a busy week on the food front, what with the two curries, and now a stir fry. This one came from "Chinese Food Made Easy", by Ching-He Huang. This one requires all of about six ingredients, has a two-step cooking method, and takes about ten minutes start to finish. Which is pretty cool, really.

I did hit a problem early on, when I discovered that we had no rice wine in stock. I guess we must have finished it at some point. The consequence of this was that I had to replace this with a tablespoon of really poor whisky. Which worked out just fine, both from the taste point of view, but also in getting rid of some said whisky, which has been sitting around far too long.

Other that that, it all went very quickly. As usual with these stir fries, it is incredibly important to prepare all the ingredients before the first on hits the wok, as the moment that happens you haven't got a moment to spare. But having learned that lesson, I made sure I was ready.

I served the dish with noodles. It would have worked with rice equally well, I suspect. The recipe doesn't say to use either, but I think it would have been a bit lacking without something. And it tasted fine; certainly, this was the most successful of the three meals this week.

Tonight, I'm cooking meatballs and spahgetti in a tomato sauce from a jar. So it's a rather less challenging night!

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