Monday, May 19, 2014

Dunbar Highland Games

Just a quick update on our second competition of the season.

Saturday was a much more satisfactory day than the previous week. Our pipe major is now properly registered with the band, and between him and two others who weren't available last week we had a considerably stronger band this week than last. Additionally, we were blessed with good weather, which always helps.

Once again, we played twice, in both Grade 4 and Grade 4MSR competitions. Both times, we left the field reasonably pleased with our performance. And, come the end of the day, this was somewhat vindicated: we came fourth in the Grade 4 contest (out of 9). So, this is our first 'real' prize of the season (last week's marching & discipline doesn't really count).

However, we did come sixth (and last) in the MSR. Given that that's our real grade, this isn't really a good sign.

The next competition is the British Championships in Bathgate a week on Saturday, the first Major of the season. So, lots of work to do for that. (On the plus side, we're only playing once, and in the early afternoon. So, no need to get up at 6am for that one!)

Also of note this weekend was that two of my students were competing in the Stirling Mod, a solo piping competition. They were in the 10-12 Solo Chanter contest, where there were some 17 competitors.

And we won! Well, actually, one of my students came first in the competition, while the other must have been just outside the top three. So that was quite a result.

All in all, a pretty successful weekend.

#21: "Fear of the Dark", by Trevor Baxendale

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