Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on Goals

So, day 150 of the year (already!), so time for another update.

  • Weight: This has been an odd one, but I'm essentially back where I was before the 'blip' I mentioned last time. I do need to refocus some attention on this, but it's difficult, because...
  • Work: Work is good, but sooo busy. There constantly seems to be a deadline looming, and no end in sight for the tasks needing done. That's good on some levels, but is has the downside that it tends to dominate everything else.
  • Books: I've read 22 books, putting me three behind my target for this point in the year. However, that's perhaps a false picture, since I'm likely to finish book 23 tonight and may well tackle book 24 in its entirety either tomorrow or, at the very least, over the weekend. One of the big advantages to being in Competition Season is that it gives me chance to catch up on my reading. (Incidentally, the three that I'm 'behind' are two books from The List, one of which is book 22, and this month's Pathfinder volume which arrived yesterday.)
  • Games: "Star Wars: Imperial Fist" actually wrapped up two sessions early, concluding just after the previous update. The ending, although abridged, was actually extremely satisfying, so that went well. I cancelled but have since rescheduled one of the two one-shot sessions I had planned for the year, and am actively considering running a three-part "Firefly" game at some point (this taking the place of the 'missing' one-shot from earlier in the year). And I'm scheduled for the third "Numenera" game next month, which completes my target for sessions as a player (with at least one more due to come).
  • Maintenance: Disappointingly, there has been no progress on this at all. In fact, it has regressed slightly, in that my car once again needs some work (but that's okay - it was due for a service anyway). It would be good to get that done by the end of June, though how realistic that is, I don't know.
  • Computer: One word: done. I'm actually not writing this update on the new machine, but I could if I wanted - it's all set up, the software is all installed, and even the emails have been sorted through right back to 2009.
  • Money: This is basically done, too. There are still three payments to make, but these are automated, so I don't need to think about them.

And that's where we stand. Things are in much better health than they were last time, and the prospect looks quite bright, but there is still work to be done.

The next update is due on the 19th of July, but as that's the day of the Paisley Highland Games it is unlikely to be made on that day. That will be just after our holiday to Barcelona, so I fear the weight goal may not be doing so well, and I expect the work goal to have very little to report. Conversely, I expect the books goal to be back on target, or nearly so (should be at 33 books read), and I hope also that the maintenance goal will finally be done.

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