Sunday, September 07, 2014

Update on Goals

250 days done. Time for another update.

  • Weight: Okay, time for the white flag. This one hasn't moved, and doesn't look like it's going to move any time soon. I'll need to rethink my whole approach to this I think.
  • Work: Ever since I got back from my holiday to Barcelona, work has just been tough. I'd been back less than a week before I felt like I hadn't been away at all, there have been problems that just refused to get fixed... It's just... difficult. That said, I've just had a fairly stellar week, so maybe, just maybe, that's turned the corner. In any case, there's nothing really needing fixed here, as such, just continued hard work.
  • Books: I remain well ahead on this goal. I'm currently at 46 books read, compared to an "on track" number of 41 (-ish). I've actually finished two of the sub-lists, and am caught up or ahead on all of the others. The only thing of note is that the remaining books from The List for this year are quite long, which means I may have to go some to stay up to date there.
  • Games: I've fixed the date for the "Ultraviolet: 2XS" game, though it looks like that will fail to attract a quorum. I've also scheduled a bi-weekly D&D 5e game to play through the "Lost Mine of Phandelver" adventure from the Starter Set that promises to be quite good. As an added bonus, that game has added a new player we've not seen before - always nice to see the group attract new people.
  • Maintenance: The bathroom ceiling is finished, as is the cleaning of the carpets. Success! Unfortunately, we now have a leak in our bedroom ceiling which will necessitate a repair job. I'm hoping to tackle that when I get some time off in October.
  • Computer: This was completed last time.
  • Money: This is now done.

And that's how things stand at the moment. I'm reasonably happy that the Books and Work goals should complete successfully; they just need to remain on track from here on out. However, it looks like the Game and Weight goals will fail, which is unfortunate but understandable. The Computer and Money goals are complete, which is good, and the original Maintenance goal is complete too - it's just a shame I've had to re-open that one, though I do hope to get it sorted again fairly soon.

The next update should be on the 27th of October. That will also be the last before the end of year review, as there's little point in updating two weeks before the end. By October I should have the Maintenance task completed (again), will know one way or another about the Game task, and should still be on track with the Book and Work goals. The big issue is the Weight goal, but I'd be surprised to see any movement there.

#46: "Reign of Stars", by Tim Pratt

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