Thursday, April 30, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #16: Crispy Chicken

I'm still, just barely, one entry behind on the "Experimental Cookery" series - yesterday was the last day in the 17th full week of 2015. Anyway, this week's entry comes from "Chinese Food Made Easy", by Ching He-Huang.

This was a nice, easy meal to cook, and actually not as time-consuming as I'd thought. However, it's also fair to say that it's not even remotely healthy. Basically, the chicken was marinaded overnight, then battered in cornflour, and then deep fried. Yeah, it was lovely. Yeah, it wasn't one to have very often!

Would I have this again? Well, maybe. I think in future I'd go for chicken breast instead of thigh, I'd probably cook it for less time, and I think I'd use our deep fryer rather than the wok (as this gives better control of the temperature). But since using the fryer means the cleaning process is vastly more annoying, that further limits my willingness to bother.

Still, I'm calling it a success, even if it was a one-off.

This Week's Mug: I'm using the TARDIS mug that I used most of last year. This is a white mug with a wraparound design - one side shows the TARDIS doors while the other spells out the acronym. LC and I received two of these mugs for Christmas in 2013 from LC's parents. I picked this mug for this week because I've started to lose track of which ones I've now used and which I haven't, but I knew this wasn't one of the ones I've used this year. Next week, things should get back to normal. Or 'normal', I guess.

#19: "Pathfinder: The Hill Giant's Pledge", by Larry Wilhelm

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