Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Experimental Coolery 2015 #13 (ish): Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

On Sunday, I had a marvellous idea. And so I said, "I've had a marvellous idea!" This prompted a great deal of excitement, which was in no way diminished when I explained my idea: to make ice cream. Indeed, there was then some discussion of which type of ice cream I should make. My eldest neice asked if I was going to make mint ice cream. Alas, while I did not know exactly what type of ice cream I was going to make, I knew it would not be mint, despite this being LC's favourite.

When I got home that night, I looked out the recipes that came with the ice cream maker, only to discover I've already done the three good ones (the remaining ones are low-calorie (please), frozen yoghurt (yeah, right), and lemon sorbet (which is fine, but isn't really ice cream)).

Still, undaunted I checked the internet and discovered that it does indeed have one or two recipes there, including some for ice cream. Huzzah! And so, this week's experimental cookery, or rather coolery, comes from here.

It was very simple to make, as is generally the case with ice cream - mix some ingredients, then churn in the ice cream maker for longer than you really think is needed, then transfer to a likely tub, and place in the freezer to set. Which it is doing now.

But I did take a sneaky preview of the ice cream before it went in, and it's excellent. So, huzzah!

(And, as an added bonus, this recipe has left me with some unused egg whites, so for my next trick I'll be doing meringues. It's a sacrifice, but one I suppose will have to be made.)

This Week's Mug: I'm on holiday this week (and indeed next week), so there is no mug anecdote. Sorry - I know you're alway eager for the weekly tales of high adventure!

#15: "The Pagan Lord", by Bernard Cornwell (the new candidate for book of the year)

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