Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #29: Pork Steaks, Hungarian Pepper Sauce, and Rice

The second meal taken from "Jamie's 15 Minute Meals" was again a success, but again took considerably longer than 15 minutes (more like 30), and again left me wanting to vent my frustrations.

The meal was easy enough, and had the excitement that I finally got to use the slicer attachment on my food processor for the first time ever. Unfortunately, it turned out that this slicer was extremely sharp, and so in the process of getting it out of the cupboard I sliced my finger. Which did very little for my mood.

The second annoyance came with Jamie's "foolproof" method for the rice, featuring a one-part rice to two-parts water ratio which was then cooked gently to absorption. Or to being welded to the pan, actually. AND it resulted in less good rice. Grr.

Finally, I found myself a little concerned about the pork. I'm really not convinced it was cooked enough, and I cooked it for well over the time indicated. Still, neither LC nor I have become sick as a result, so I guess it was okay.

All that said, the meal was still quick and easy to put together. Sure, it took closer to half an hour than the 15 minutes, but part of that was because our kitchen had become horribly cluttered. Anyway, thirty minutes is hardly excessive.

And it tasted very nice, all told. The sauce, in particular, was very nice. So I expect to be making this again.

(Oh, an additional excitement: another new ingredient! This was the first time I've had occasion to add fennel to a meal. It was nice.)

So that's that. I am, of course, now well behind on the Experimental Cookery for the year - by this point I should have done 33. I guess I'll have to try to catch up over the next few weeks.

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