Sunday, April 10, 2016

An Important Question

While the Tories and the press have got us all looking at some not-very-damaging revelations about David Cameron's tax affairs, who or what have they got us all not looking at?

(Bear in mind that the Tories are all about power, and that they have a playbook going right back to the English Civil War. David Cameron is just the latest figurehead - and ever since he announced he was stepping down his main use has been as a blame magnet.)

#19: "The Long Utopia", by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter


Kezzie said...

Ooooh, I read the Long Earth! Really want to read the Long Utopia and all the others too!!!!! Was it good?!?! Fascinating concept.
And YES, what are they trying to deflect us from!?

Steph/ven said...

Yeah, the Long Utopia was great. I wasn't too keen on the third one in the series (The Long Mars), but the others have all been good.