Saturday, April 09, 2016

Day 100: Update on Goals

Today is Day 100 of the year, which means it's time for another update on goals. And so, without further ado:

  • Weight: Yeah, there's nothing to report on this one, again. Poor, poor show.
  • Books: This one is going extremely well - I'm currently reading book nineteen of the year, and a large part of the way through book twenty as well. Given that I should be at 16.3 books read by this point, that's pretty good, and all the better when I note that I'm up-to-date on all the sub-lists as well.
  • Games: There's not really anything to say here - "Firefly: the Lost Episodes" is now on hiatus, and potentially cancelled. "Eberron: Dust to Dust" is ongoing, with three sessions done and the next scheduled, so that's pretty solid.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: This remains very stressful. Unfortunately, there's nothing to say at this point, much as I wish it were otherwise.
  • Band: The competition season is now only five weeks away, and things are looking okay. I kinda wish we had more time, but we are where we are. My students continue to make progress, although a bit more slowly than I had hoped. Still, that's all going reasonably well.
  • Church: We've now completed our commitments to the church, and so are all set for the move. Once we've moved, we will need to find a new church, but that's a matter for the future.
  • Lent: Despite some difficulties, this was completed successfully.

And so, this is much the same as last time - two going well and two less hopeful. The three "not really goals" are a bit more positive - two done and one well in hand - but those are, of course, not really goals.

All in all, that's okay, but it's a little disappointing compared with where I had hoped we would be. Oh well.

#18: "Wars of the Roses: Bloodline", by Conn Iggulden

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