Monday, May 30, 2016

Bathgate Highland Games 2016

I wasn't at this week's competition, by virtue of being in Banff over the weekend. However, the band competed in the Grade 4 contest in Bathgate this week, and won their first prize of the season: out of seven bands they came 4th overall, being 4th and 4th in piping, 2nd in drumming, and 5th in ensemble. A good result, though once again the drummers are carrying the pipers.

Our next competition is in Strathmore on the 12th, but I'll be missing that one also. After that, it's Helensburgh on the 19th and then the European Championships in Forres - lots of work needing done for that one, but we now have solid reasons for optimism.

#26: "House of Silk", by Anthony Horowitz

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