Monday, May 09, 2016

Experimental Cookery 2016 #3: Chicken Shawarma Flatbreads with Yoghurt

After a hard weekend of avenging, and at LC's insistence that I try something from the monthly Tesco magazine, I made up some shawarma.

There's actually very little to say: it was mostly just a case of marinading the chicken with some olive oil, chilli flakes, and sumac and then griddling it; then mixing up some minted yoghurt; and warming through the flatbreads. Then put it all together fajita-style, and eat. It was very nice.

In future, I think I'll make up my own flatbreads rather than buying them in, which makes this a slightly more involved meal. Other than that, it was basically a triumph. We'll certainly be having this again.

#23: "Hellknight", by Liane Merciel

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