Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Day 250: Update on Goals

We've reached day 250, so here's the antepenultimate update on goals for the year:

  • Weight: This one remains something of a disaster area, but has at least moved slightly in the right direction since the last update. Still bad, though.
  • Books: At this point I should be on the verge of finishing up book 41 for the year. I actually passed that threshold back in August - I have completed 47 books. I'm also up-to-date or ahead on all the sub-lists for the year.
  • Games: The "Dust to Dust" campaign continues, despite an earlier wobble. In fact, I came within a heartbeat of giving it up. But the most recent session was a success, and it now appears to be back on track. There are also musings on a second, "open tabletop", game, though my gut feeling is that that won't actually happen (because people saying they're interested doesn't necessarily translate into an actual game). And there's also been another interesting development, though it remains to be seen if that will come to anything.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: This goal suffered an horrible setback at the start of last month. Basically, our plan to move first and then sell or rent the flat turned out to be a non-starter. We've now dropped the price of the flat in the hope that that will spark some interest, but for the moment we're stuck here.
  • Band: The competition season is now all but finished, and it has been okay. The results, especially at the Championships, were not what we would have hoped, but the season was mostly enjoyable for all that - one incident on the bus home from the first competition notwithstanding. There's now a lot of work to be done before next season, though it's doubtful whether I'll still be around by then, to say the least.

There's no getting away from it: this has been a hard, hard year, and a pretty disappointing one in terms of my goals. Fundamentally, our inability to get moved to a new house is just a killer, and it feels that everything else is necessarily on hold until that gets done. Which just sucks.

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