Sunday, September 04, 2016

Peebles Highland Games 2016

After a few weeks away, the band resumed our competition season at our penultimate competition of the year.

Unfortunately, it proved to be another disappointment, and showed exactly the same failing as at the World Championships - our summary sheet could have been two words long: "bottled it".

During preparation, everything was going mostly okay. But, more than that, we also got a chance to hear most of the other bands, and they were very much there for the beating. But we misjudged things just a little, such that many of our drones were getting too wet before we went on. Still, that's no excuse. Sadly, the performance just wasn't good. We should be better than this, but the evidence is sorely lacking.

Anyway, our of ten bands we came eighth, being ninth in piping and third in drumming. A very disappointing result, and a disappointing performance.

On a happier note, Saturday was the first time one of my students got a chance to play with the band. This had the oddity that she was intended to play at the march past, but due to a mix-up we actually missed that entirely (oops!). Fortunately, though, Peebles have a parade through the town after the march-past, so she did get a chance to play, which was good. There's still a lot of work to be done there, but at least she's made a mark.

Anyway, only one more to go, at Innerleithen next week, then the AGM the Thursday after, and then a nice long break. Huzzah!

#47: "Antrax", by Terry Brooks

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