Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Experimental Cookery 2017 #5: Spiced Chicken, Orange & Watercress Salad

This was another meal taken from my "Let's Cook with the nation's favourite chefs" book, courtesy of Ainsley Harriott. And it has the virtue of being nothing like anything I've made before - chicken strips stir-fried in an orange-based sauce, paired with a refreshing salad.

I enjoyed it very much, although I did feel that the watercress was a bit much. In future, I think I might replace that with rocket, spinach, or both, and only a much smaller handful. LC, I think, was a bit less impressed, although again I think that was the salad rather than the chicken.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain I'll be doing this again, and I'll no doubt be taking some more inspiration from that book - it's a good one!

#12: "Through the Gate in the Sea", by Howard Andrew Jones

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