Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Region One: The Cull Begins

Back in October, I noted that I'd decided to call time on Region One. To that end, while packing up our DVDs prior to the house move (that still hasn't happened... but that's another rant), I took the opportunity to separate out the R1 DVDs from the rest, and also to make a list of them. (I also took the opportunity to test a few of the discs, finding that one or two are actually region-free, which is nice.)

I've since divided that list up into three, being discs to replace, discs to discard, and discs that I would like to replace but can't.

The good news on that latter front is that as anticipated, that list does indeed contain only two entries: "Reboot" and "Babylon 5". And, even then, the B5 discs could be replaced, albeit only by replacing the entire series. (There are also two discs, that I'm aware of, that are in the 'discard' pile but which couldn't be replaced anyway. One of these went on that list with some small reluctance; the other not so much. So that's not too bad.)

The one down-side I have since encountered is that when I priced up replacements for that one list, I discovered that this is a more costly exercise than I'd expected. Especially since the truth is that most of these are films we haven't watched for years, and don't necessarily have any burning desire to watch again. (Which is a big factor in us having so much clutter in the first place: I'm generally loathe to throw perfectly good things away, and in many cases we have these things not so much because I want them as because I don't want to be without them.)

Still, there have been some no-brainers: a "Die Hard" boxed set was cheap, replaced three movies in a big box with five in a much smaller box, and was ideal motivation for a re-watch (with only the original to go; I left the best until last). Likewise, an "X-Men" boxed set filled in lots of gaps in that series, freed up some space, and again has motivated a re-watch. I expect the "Terminator" films to be much the same, once I get past my distaste for that set.

I expect that that's how it's going to go now: over the next year or so, I'll gradually replace the discs a few at a time, re-watching them as I go and ordering the next batch as I get to the end of the last. And, of course, if there are any I'm not bothered with re-watching, then they're in the wrong list.

(The down-side of that plan is that I'd kind of hoped to get it all over and done with in one fell swoop, whereas this will take considerably more time. On balance, though, this is probably the better approach.)

Additionally, I think I'm going to take the plunge on that "Babylon 5" set - once we've completed the move (if that ever happens), I'll invest in a new set of the whole series to replace the old discs. (Best do that fairly soon - I don't know how long it will remain available.) Which just leaves the question of "Reboot" unanswered, but gives me at least a year to ponder that one.

It's worth noting, though, that I'm yet to start on the other phase of the project - I'm yet to actually discard any of the discs on that list!

#13: "The Remains of the Day", by Kazuo Ishiguro (a book from The List)

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