Saturday, July 05, 2008

Richard, sit down, you're not going to believe this one...

After being rattled by the deadly Gazebo threat, I headed towards town, intent on purchasing a number of new books suitable for travelling. En route, I stopped at my parents' house, to wish them well on their holidays, to check up on how my gran is doing, and just because.

Anyway, in the course of the discussions, the topic of "Doctor Who" came up, because obviously both my parents are avid viewers (and how wierd is that?). Anyway, we discussed last week's cliffhanger, and the possibility that David Tennant might be leaving.

At this point, my Mum drifted away to do something else (I forget what - had I known what was to come, I would have burned that into my memory forever). I commented that David Tennant was taking quite a lot of time out next year for various projects, including doing Hamlet (I think with Patrick Stewart).

"I think he'll be playing Hamlet," said I, "with Stewart playing Hamlet's uncle... whose name eludes me for the moment. Claudius?" Now, obviously, this is a near unforgivable lapse, but I will note that I was guessing the right name.

Dad didn't know off the top of his head, so went looking for the "Works of Shakespeare" they keep on their bookshelf.

And then he said, "It's unfortunate {Mum} went off like that, because she would know." !!!

In case you were too stunned to realise what just happened, I'll just spell it out: my father, the font of all knowledge, not only admitted to not knowing something (!), but also commented that my Mum would be a greater authority than he on the subject (!!).

It has been a strange day.


Captain Ric said...

Aaah! I just fell off my chair. Fortunately, after my recent desk move, I'm hidden from most of my colleagues behind a screeny-style thing, my colleague beside me isn't in yet, and no-one's in the kitchen. So I think I got away with it.

Flip me!

Also, they're Doctor Who fans? Where did that come from?

I think my brain might explode in a minute.

Stephen said...

I think Mum started watching when David Tennant took over, mostly because she doesn't like him because he was a baddy in some other show she saw. (I know that doesn't make sense, but there it is.)

Apparently, Dad had seen some of the old series many years ago, but wasn't terribly impressed. However, the day I moved back from Yeovil was also the day the first episode of the second series was on, so we watched it at the Grandparents'. I think he's been watching off and on since then, possibly as a result of it being the sole oasis of quality in the desert of Saturday-night TV.

It's all absolutely crazy. But then, according to the media, 47% of the entire viewing public watched "Doctor Who" on Saturday. So maybe it's not that surprising.