Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Experimental Cookery Tuesday #21: Sizzling Beef with Spring Onions and Black Bean Sauce

The penultimate stir-fry in the chapter was another quick and easy one to cook, and again turned out extremely well. In fact, prepared by my experiences the previous day with the prawns, I took the step of reading the whole recipe before applying heat, and so was able to avoid ending up with a charred mess.

Long story short, this one was a big winner. I was particularly impressed with the fried rice, which managed to incorporate the dread egg without issue.

That would be 4-0, then, with one to go. Could he win this chapter with a whitewash?

Next up is "Super Quick Salmon Stir-Fry" (or something to that effect - I don't have the book to hand).

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